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Sydney Rum Club

Over 100 years ago rum landed on the shores of Sydney and it has filled our cups ever since. Join us for a dram or a party at the next meeting.

Central Coast Rum Club

This beautiful region is the home to the first sugarcane plantations in Australia. The Central Coast rum  lovers spread the finest rums to this bountiful land

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Newcastle Rum Club

Newcastle is one of the oldest towns in Australia. There's no doubt this working port has seen rum and sugarcane throughout it's history. 


The newest member of the club. We can't wait to see what happens to rum in Fitzroy this year!

Fitzroy Rum Club

Australia's oldest Rum Club Melbourne is our cultural home. Walking into Golden Monkey can only envoke warm feeling of The Rum Club's heritage in Australia.

Melbourne Rum Club

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Brisbane Rum Club

There's no bigger rum enthusists than those along the Brisbane River. Coming soon to Brisbane is the latest edition of The Rum Club.


Airlie Beach Rum Club

One of our favourite beaches has one of the largest collections of rum in Australia. Walk along the beach or jump off a yacht and walk into The Rum Bar for there regular tastings.

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Hobart Rum Club

The furthest south Australia goes. These are the true the seafaring rum barons of the south. Join the Rude Boy team for something special.

Now launching in 2021

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