Sugarcane Sunday

On Sunday the 24th March we saw the first Sugarcane Sunday bringing all of the major rum companies together to say one thing, this is still a rum colony!

With close to 300 people over the afternoon this event show cased 50 rums from various suppliers in our Caribbean rum market. Each supplier brought their own culture to the event from Think Spirits with there Tiki Corner to Appleton’s Estate speed Planter’s Punch competition. Sugarcane was the chance for not only rum but all of the Sugarcane family whether it is British, French, Spanish, or even Brazilian. It was fascinating to see Germana and Leblon Cachaca tasted next to Rhum Agricole from various Caribbean islands. The new process of cross blending of 10 Cane compared to personality in New Zeland's own Stolen rums from Trinidad. Having Plantation's full panel of vintage rums from over 10 individual rum distilleries was an opportunity to see all of the differences in taste and culture that we can see in rum side by side. It was a true day for rum enthusiasts and a great chance to have so many great rums and rum personalities in one place.

The Standard was converted into a rum market set to the sounds of live streaming Island radio stations setting the mood for a celebration of rum in the Caribbean. We saw many fascinating insights into how rum is produced from the new cross blending of 10 Cane rum, a full range of Cubaney rums, to a new understanding that rum doesn’t have to be dark to be amazing in the Havana Club 3 anos, Mt Gay Eclipse Silver, and Flor de Cana 4yr. As well as how aging can produce completely different experiences between cultures whether it be a Jamaican Appleton’s or the Dominican Matusalem rum. We saw Ron Abuelo Panama Rum in Australia choosing to launch its range in front of rum enthusiasts for the first time at Sugarcane Sunday as well as Inner Circle announcing that it has moved its rum production back to its home in Australia. A sweet pleasure was given in tasting the new Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, next to the popular Kraken Black Spiced and Rebellion Bay Spiced it was fascinating to see how spiced rums can be a true part of the rum fraternity with distinct flavours and palates.

Choosing any of the rums on display in classic rum cocktails on the bar was a real insight into why it is so important to have unique flavours that each rum brings to the table. Especially when it's in the Pina Colada!

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