National Rum Day - Brisbane

To celebrate National Rum Day on August 16, Rum Club Brisbane in collaboration with Substation no. 41 Rum Bar in Brisbane’s famous Breakfast Creek Hotel presents our very 3rd Rum Masterclass. As a special treat for this month, we have Michael York the Director of Quittin’ Time coming all the way from Sydney to take us through the world famous El Dorado & La Mauny range of rums. Most of you will have tried or at least have heard of the awarded El Dorado range but we’re also adding the La Mauny range to try and introduce a bit of Agricole variety to those who have never had the pleasure of experiencing it. Michael will take us through a bit on how the business was founded, the history, the rums, the differentiation between the 2 styles of rums and the tasting notes.

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