International Charity Day - Sydney

For a first session back at Rum Club we decided to do some special. We wanted to give alittle something back to the community. As such we held Sydney Rum Club on International Charity Day and invited rum brands that are involved in charities both locally and abroad.

It was great to hear about how Don Fucando's wife was so influential in the production of Bacardi. This family heritage influenced it's decision to take on Breast Cancer Awareness as a charity locally in Australia. We're all waiting for the "Mix It to Fix It!" competition.Next the guys from Fair Belize Rum told us about how difficult conditions in the Caribbean & South America inspired producing a rum that gave back to the sugar farmers. Ensuring sustainability is key to the brands ethos and it takes over 200 criteria to become fair trade certified. Lastly, Manuel Terron came back to Rum Club to talk to us about Pusser's Rum and how it has influenced the lives of sailors over the years by contributing to the naval fund. To this day they contribute the "Tot Fund" having raised money in the million over the years. A truly impressive feat.

A great return to the old Sydney Rum Club. To finish off the session we asked members to donate to a local charity Youth Off the Streets. We raised $500 on the night which we were told is enough to get a child off the streets in Sydney. A truly great cause and a great evening hearing a different side to the brands.

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