First look at BRIX distillery

The city where the Rum Rebellion began finally has it's own distillery dedicated to rum.

BRIX has begun distillation in the heart of Surry Hills where so much of the rum is drunk in Sydney. The distillery front gives a industrial feel of the workshop of what will become a busy hub of rum. On the left a beautiful custom copper still and on the right a tasting bar with a variety of rum for all over the world.

BRIX has begun with a classic unaged white rum, which unfortunately will be labelled only as " unaged spirit" due to the out-of-date laws in Australia that still don't recognise craft spirits. However, don't let this dissuade you, this juice is tasting great. Molasses based this rum still retains a light vegatal note and clean finish. Additionally, they are importing some aged rum stock to cater to the oaked palate while they start their own journey with aging rum.

This is going to be a distillery to watch as it grows up, especially with head distiller Shane Casey, formerly of Archie Rose, leading the way into the future of Australian rum.