Summer has ended!!! We've had a blast with all of you at Lost Luau over this summer. Now with the weather cooling, it was time for us to call it a day. But it wouldn't be the same without one last party!!!

The Last Luau was a crazy adventure filled with power ballards, tight shorts and beach volleyball contests. If it sounds like a balance between Baywatch and Top Gun it's because it was! The entire rum back back of Lost Luau was consumed in this seemingly endless party and more than afew Passion Pop celebrations. The best in show has to go to Ho who managed to wake up at a bus stop in Bondi in nothing but his underwear, Where did his clothes go? How did he manage to catch a bus without his wallet? All answers are consumed in the vortex that was this unforgetable night.

It was the Last Luau and by far the most exciting end of summer party in 2018.