Interactive Rum Club x Burrow Bar

We can't host our rum clubs these days but we can still be together during these times. Rum Club will be supporting all rum events in Australia during these times


Over the evening, we be talking about sipping rums and how these times have changed the way we drink rum. We'll discuss how rum can be enjoyed at home, consider rum profiles and have some banter about how to choose the right rum for the home bar. For this tasting we'll be looking at the Spanish style with four of our favourites with Havana Club, Dictador, Matusalem and Pacto Navio. Our head bartender and Co-owner of Burrow Bar, Bryce McDonough along with Director of Rum Club Australia, Tom Bulmer, will host the tasting and we hope you'll get involved as well in talking about how these times are changing the way you drink rum. Each ticket gets you four 30ml of serves of rum, a seat in the virtual classroom, menu and information card. Prepare for bad-puns & dad-jokes, but stay for the delicious rum.

Check out the night's chat here: