Virtual Rum Masterclass - Compagnie de Indes

We can't host our rum clubs these days but we can still be together during these times. Rum Club will be supporting all rum events in Australia during these times #physicalnotsocialdistancing

Online educational masterclass with Florent Beuchet from Compagnie des Indes Rum and Rum Club Brisbane.

Five 30ml Compagnie des Indes rum samples available to purchase for $45. Rum selection: Jamaica 5yrs 43% , Brazil 8yrs 52.3%, Domincan 8yrs 43%, Australia 11yrs 43% and Venezuela 14yrs 43%.

Florent Beuchet is the founder of Compagnie des Indes and is in charge of selecting rums from all over the world to bottle as his own personal selections.

Join Florent as he takes us on an online training session, highlighting the making process of Compagnie des Indes rums and a tasting session.