Sydney Rum Club - Cane Vs Culture

There's been alot talk talk about what influences the nuanced flavours of the rums we drink from different places. Is it the terroir of the cane, the skill of the distiller, or the flamingo that fell into the dunder pitt? We thought the only way to get to the bottom of this would be to drink some rum with the experts and talk about it! As such we are going to have Shane Casey from BRIX distillery and Mitch Wilson from Plantation Rum over at Sydney's latest rum distillery and talk about local and international impacts on the flavour of rum. On Monday 8th of April join us as we kick off a week of rum events. We'll be tasting some of the best rums coming from Sydney and abroad and talking about the influences of both the cane we use and culture of those using it and how it relates to what's in your glass.