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Choose Cane, not Coal.

Powered by Cane is a clean energy initiative that aims to move Australian hospitality to locally sourced sustainable energy, sugarcane.


The sugar industry in Australia is the third largest in the world and we are one of the biggest consumers of rum in the hospitality sector. A byproduct of these industries is sugarcane husk, which is often either burnt in the fields or fed to cows. Additionally, we often also forget that our bars & restaurant are the largest users of electricity in the market*. Powered by Cane connects sugarcane producers to the hospitality industry to provide affordable clean energy using this husk waste product of the sugar & rum industries. Essentially trying to close the loop on the mutual waste of the hospitality industry.

Many bars & restaurants have made substantial changes already in creating more sustainable approach to the hospitality industry. But they aren’t aware that our reliance on air conditioners, refrigeration, machinery and decorative lights make our industry some of the highest users of coal & gas which is used to provide electricity to venues currently. Sugar is going into almost every cocktail and more than a fair share of rum as well, which leaves a carbon footprint for every drink.

Our aim is to educate the hospitality industry and the wider community that there are cleaner, renewable energy sources out there that will cost you the same amount as the coal & gas that is currently being used. A joint project between local bartender Tom Bulmer and Energy Locals, this initiative wants venues and those working in hospitality to make the switch to affordable, clean energy whether it’s Powered by Cane or any other clean energy available in the market.

As a waste by-product this Powered by Cane energy is affordable and accessible for everyday use. Using a waste by-product of the rum already being used in these venues allows us to close the loop on rum production and provide clean energy to one of the largest non-manufacturing users of coal and gas in our cities.

Your Energy bills can be clean, affordable and even social with Powered by Cane. We will be launching this initiative as of the 1st July, 2019. For more information checkout the website or contact us at info@poweredbycane.org. Join us on the path to making our industry carbon neutral in 2020.


Choose Cane, Not Coal.

Tom Bulmer


Powered by Cane


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